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At SpaGo MedSpa, we use a comprehensive approach to aging so that you can achieve your best results. When you visit me, I will provide a complete skin evaluation and address any factors that could be contributing to your aging. I like to find the most effective therapies that can address as many issues in as few treatments as possible. Additional factors that I consider are downtime and discomfort.

We can do some many things that are non-surgical. I used to have a low threshold to recommend surgery and I do believe that it is the best option for some people. However, it is important to consider the possible adverse outcomes of surgery as well as the impact of anesthesia.  Scars are not always insignificant, either.

Now, we have some great treatments such as the EmFace, that can build cheek muscles and lift the lower face while emitting radiofrequency to tighten skin. It has no downtime and only takes 20 minutes! Adding RF microneedling to the face, neck, and, even, decollete, can have a really great impact. In fact, RF microneedling is an excellent treatment for deep lines, enlarged pores, crepey skin, sagging skin, and scars. I even use it on the body around the abdomen and above knees and elbows. We can use it to remove stretch marks and tight skin on the buttocks. It is one of my favorite anti-aging treatments. Some brands of RF Microneedling machines are Vivace, Genius, Morpheus, Secret RF, and Prolift RFM . It’s not the machine that matters but the person performing the procedure. All of these technologies are new and equally powerful. Faster does not translate into better when it comes to radiofrequency dwell time in the dermis. Some of these machines have settings that are not optimal for outcomes but have some powerful influencers claiming to use them.  Have you found anything that J. Lo doesn’t use? When selecting technology, I base my decision on outcome and not what is trendy.

I use either an IPL or Aerolase NEO Elite laser for sunspots and telangiectasia such as seen in rosacea. Many people develop broken vessels around the nose, cheeks, or other areas that impacts the way overall skin tone and texture appears. We can perform a Fraxel treatment on the same day. However, I prefer to separate the treatments by a month where possible to increase the impact of each treatment and take advantage of the neo-collagenesis that each treatment induces.

Of course, Botox and other neuromodulators are a fantastic way to reduce the signs of aging and have a very established safety profile. They are forms of Botulinum toxin that paralyze muscles locally to stop the muscles that make wrinkles. We combine these treatments with dermal fillers to add support and fill in deep lines. I can add filler to cheeks, chins, jawlines, lines around the mouth, the nose, under eyes, and other areas. For longer and more natural-appearing results, I recommend Sculptra, which stimulates collagen and lasts 2 years or more.

I can’t help to mention another favorite treatment, the Fractional CO2 laser. We use the Deka Dot SmartXide, which resurfaces the skin and erases fine lines, pores, small scars, and pigment. One treatment can truly remove 10 years. I can treat eyes as well. It tightens the peri-orbital area beautifully. Combine with a series RF Microneedling treatments to reduce acne scars and enhance any outcomes. These procedures are best performed a month apart to maximize neo-collagenesis and to ensure that the skin is in good shape to heal well. A less expensive approach to resurfacing the skin are chemical peels. I cannot express how great peels work and you just can’t beat the price point. I use a variety of peels but do have my favorites!

I get a lot of questions about tightening skin and the Emface, Refresh RF, Prolift RFM are all great options. Often, when I melt the submental fat (double-chin) using Kybella, I will observe tightening of the neck skin.

We get a lot of requests for plasma or fibroblast treatment. I like the results and we are able to use it for precision treatments. It uses plasma energy to sublimate skin – turning from a solid to gaseous state. It also stimulates collagen. We use it to perform non-surgical blepharoplasties in as few as three treatments. It also works well on crow’s feet, jawline lifting, neck lines, and peri-oral lines. It leaves a “henna tattoo” appearance that can be covered with make-up the next day.

I wouldn’t be providing the best care possible without addressing health. Your skin reveals so much about your state of health. Exercise is your best defense against aging and building muscle is very important. It increases metabolism, supports core strength, and protects DNA. We use the Emsculpt Neo to not only melt fat but enhance health. Now, we have our amazing IV nurse (Amy Lupo, RN) to provide important antioxidants, elements, and nutrients in a way that are 100% bioavailable! She also has some incredible Lipo-B12 shots and enhanced shots that hasten weight loss naturally. If needed, we have the option to provide prescriptive treatments such as Wegovy, Ozempic, or Mounjaro. 

Additionally, I always counsel my clients to protect their investments with monthly HydraFacials and good skincare such as SkinCeuticals, ZO, Alastin, and SkinMedica.

So, come for a visit! Drop in or schedule and appointment to find out your best anti-aging plan. 

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You Are Invited to Visit Us

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