Laser Melasma Treatment in Erie, PA

Laser Melasma Therapy

Melasma is a complex, multi-factorial condition involving dermal and epidermal melanin, a vascular component, and inflammation. The Aerolase laser delivers deep pulses to the dermal layer, effectively shutting down vasculature and inflammation. And because of the Neo laser’s unique speed 650 microseconds, it delivers this pulse safely with increased tolerability and minimal risk of adverse effects compared with other topical or device treatments for melasma. While we are treating your melasma, we also address telangectasia (broken vessels), angiomas, hair, collagen enhancement, and pores.

​When combined with chemical peels or fractional laser melasma is cleared with fewer treatments and with a longer-lasting impact.

​The treatment takes about 15 -30 minutes!
Contact us for pricing and to see if you are eligible for this painless procedure.

Melasma is a chronic condition and requires multiple treatments. When you visit with Dr. Mascia, she will discuss options that are best for you. Please see our YouTube presentation below for more information. Studies indicate that laser followed by a medical grade peel on the same day greatly enhances results. Melasma treatment may be combined with NeoSkin rejuvenation.

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