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EMSELLA is a breakthrough treatment that revolutionizes women’s intimate health and wellness by providing a completely non-invasive option for those suffering from incontinence. By harnessing the power of electromagnetic energy, EMSELLA induces intense pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single session, effectively retraining the muscles to enhance control over the bladder and bowel. This technology is specifically designed to target and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles essential for supporting the pelvic organs.

SpaGo MedSpa in Erie, PA, is excited to provide EMSELLA treatments customized to align with your individual needs and goals. The standard treatment regimen consists of six sessions, each lasting 30 minutes, typically scheduled twice a week. Many individuals notice a positive change after one session, with continued progress over the following weeks. Since the treatment is non-invasive, you can return to your regular routine right after each session. Book an appointment online to embark on the path to enhanced well-being with EMSELLA!

Benefits of Emsella/Incontinence

How It Works


Urinary incontinence refers to unintentional urine leakage, often linked to weakened pelvic floor muscles. EMSELLA targets this issue by using electromagnetic energy to stimulate intense muscle contractions, retraining the muscles to restore bladder and bowel control.

Weak pelvic floor muscles may lead to urinary incontinence, often resulting from physiological changes like childbirth, menopause, or the natural aging process.

EMSELLA is suitable for men and women of all ages seeking a non-surgical solution to urinary incontinence and an overall enhancement in their quality of life.

An EMSELLA session typically lasts 30 minutes, with a recommended course of six sessions, usually scheduled twice a week.

During an EMSELLA session, patients may feel tingling sensations and muscle contractions in the pelvic floor. The treatment is non-invasive, allowing for an immediate return to daily activities.

Many individuals report noticeable improvements after just one EMSELLA session, with continued enhancements over the subsequent weeks.

Feel free to contact SpaGo MedSpa in Erie, PA, to learn more about EMSELLA and how it can transform your life. Schedule your appointment today!

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