What are Your Skin & Weight Loss Goals?

What are Your Skin Weight Loss Goals | Spago MedSpa in Erie, PA

Do you struggle with your weight and finding a solution that works for you? Look no further, our program is here to help. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your weight loss goals in a safe and sustainable way.

We understand that weight loss can be a complex and challenging journey, which is why we provide personalized care and support to help you achieve your goals. Our program combines the latest in weight loss medication with IV nutritional therapy and shots to help you achieve long-term success. Read More

Achieve your goals and start enjoying life.

Is Fun in the Sun Activating Your Acne?

There is an abundance of new technologies available that aid in controlling acne and addressing scarring. One of my primary approaches is to reassure my patients that successful treatment for acne is achievable. This condition is chronic and affects a significant number of individuals, often causing social and emotional distress. Consequently, regular treatments are necessary.

We can begin with simple yet effective methods, such as monthly HydraFacial sessions, which yield remarkable improvements in the skin. In just 3-4 treatments, we witness incredible transformations. Our process commences with medical-grade hydra-dermabrasion utilizing a wet-diamond tip, followed by a gentle chemical peel that helps to unclog the pores for extraction.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Every 28 days, the skin undergoes a turnover process, and during this time, the pores can become congested with sebum, keratin, and sweat. If left uncleared, these substances oxidize, leading to inflammation that fosters bacterial growth. To combat this, we gently extract the contents of the pores using a vacuum tip and then replenish the skin with potent antioxidants.

This simple treatment will achieve meaningful results and is a wonderful addition to our more aggressive treatments that tackle scarring, deep cystic structures, enlarged pores, and discoloration from acne lesions. Read more here and sign up for our HydraFacial special here!

Don’t Forget to Hydrate this Summer!

Come meet Amy, our incredible RN, who is an expert at IV therapy! She has everything from Hangover or Pre-Party IVs to Migraine IVs and immunity-boosting treatments. See here or schedule a complimentary consultation with her here. Mention this email to receive a $99 IV with 2 free ingredients!

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What are Your Skin Weight Loss Goals | Spago MedSpa in Erie, PA

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